MTU Rolls Royce

MTU- Rolls Royce is one of the leading manufacturers of large diesel engines and complete propulsion and drive systems for marine applications, for heavy land, rail and defense vehicles, and for the oil and gas industry.

It has built its own facility of 24,800 square-metres of floor space, covers 1.75 hectares and is at the Tukang Innovation Park. Merge O+R was awarded the entire office space of 8 floors, working together with the building specialist to ensure the total fit-out space of 110,000 sqft.

Upon entering the space at Level 1, visitors are welcomed into the reception area whose combination of gentle contours and warm materials sets the tone for what’s to come. A large size engine display acts as the main focus of the company’s portfolio alongside with the timber feature that accentuates the advantage of the high ceiling volume space.

Earthy brown tones are introduced as the predominant color scheme, with the combined effects of soft lighting and uncluttered layout which brings a sense of openness that reinforces the company’s business- friendly, welcoming philosophy.

A multi- purpose hall is also being introduced to the public space that allows a high flexibility for collaboration, ad-hoc meetings and town-hall meeting sessions that caters to the maximum of 1000 pax at one-go.


Internal staircase was constructed as the heart of the workplace that connects Level 5 to 8, linking the different business units together- all working as one. The executive floors’ outer margins consist of floor-to-ceiling glazing in order to achieve extensive transparency, to visually connect the offices to the primary circulation paths and the open-plan zones for the support staff.