TMF Group

TMF Group is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in Amsterdam.

The independent group provides accounting, tax, HR and payroll services to businesses operating on an international scale. TMF Group employs 5,500 employees and has 100 offices in over 80 jurisdictions. The new 25,000sq ft office was designed to consolidate entities into a single office at South Beach Tower in Singapore.

On the 29th floor, a dedicated reception area was established in an area to emphasize the mind –blowing view of the Singapore’s landscape. An expanse of polished white floor cues a transition between the overtly client lounge area allowing natural daylight to illuminate the interior. An understated red was the main focus of the space underlining the corporate identity of the company, at the same time allows a good blend of simplicity and elegance.

Breakout and collaboration area forms the heart of the office which are located in the center of the space. Breakout hub located adjacent to the lift lobbies is another key element in the design’s ‘variety’. They can be used as convenient venues for ad-hoc meetings, or as alternative work settings.

These elements were “carefully integrated to reinforce the TMF culture and bring additional colour and detail to life.